Adithya C. Ganesh


Hi, I’m AdithyaMy friends call me Adi..

I study math and theoretical computer science at Stanford.

When deciding what to work on, I choose problems that seem important for the long-term future. I am currently interested in programming languages, distributed computing, and probability theory.

I am teaching Stanford’s CS43 (Functional Programming Abstractions) (Winter 2020). I cofounded and serve as editor for The Gradient.Disclosure: The Gradient is a student-run, non-profit publication with no external funders as of this writing. Previously, I worked on computer vision at Tesla, genomics at Counsyl (acq. Myriad Genetics 2018), and wrote books for math competitions. I was a 2014 Thiel Fellow. In my spare time, I play and compose music on piano and violin.

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